Sociology (Humanities), 1947

The evil villain who is always unmasked at the end of every Scooby Doo episode; or your psychotic ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s pathological delusions you are hiding your “true nature”.

Closely related to the indefensible slur of “implicit bias”, also used by Churchill in Parliament around 1947 to denounce pacifists, and from the Greek root “kruptos”, (meaning “hidden” or “not evident or obvious”), crypto-fascist/crypto-communist became a neologism after Gore Vidal name-called William F. Buckley Jr as a “crypto-Nazi” at the 1968 DNC debate. However, it is claimed critical theory sociologist Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School) coined the term in his 1963 book “Der getreue Korrepetitor”. Used by deeply pathological people.