Russian Bot¶

Political Rhetoric, 2016

Malevolent, demonic and invisible force stopping less enlightened ordinary people from realising the holy truth of Marxist social justice.

According to hard-left media outlets, ordinary people across the West - in their tens and hundreds of millions, and being too stupid to think for themselves - have been mass-brainwashed by a coordinated, secret psychological warfare army deployed by Vladimir Putin on a mission to buy exaggerated adverts on Facebook and other Internet comment sections. This apparently is the cause of them voting for populist notions like Brexit or Donald Trump, rather than the reasons they repetitively give when their enlightened moral superiors bother to ask, such as being endlessly insulted as racist, ignorant, or propagandized; the moderate centre-left ceasing to exist; disapproval of a loss of national identity/integrity; intense dislike of collectivist identity politics; endemic political nepotism and corruption; totalitarian smear campaigns, and so on.

No such things were actually happening to disillusion them from one side of the political spectrum; it was the effect of Russian disinformation on vulnerable, low-IQ proles, who need to vote again until we get the correct result, as they need to use the correct words.