Gender Pay Gap

Political Rhetoric, 1957

Not being paid in absentia by your employer for making a new human, as you would in a communist system.

Comparing the lifetime income of males against females determines an equity (equality of outcome) calculation. In a communist system, both would be equal regardless of circumstances (not unsurprisingly favoured, given most feminist authors “identify as” Marxists). Although the US law of 1963 and UK law of 1970 (after the Dagenham/Ford protests) cemented the issue’s importance, the dreadful and politicised scholarship of median data currently hijacked by activists began when humanities “scholars” started “interpreting” core data such as Gary Becker’s 1957 book The Economics of Discrimination and Stanley/Jarrell’s 1998 “Gender wage discrimination bias? A metaregression analysis” (Journal of Human Resources).