Internalized Oppression / Misogyny

Psychology (Humanities), 1930

The intellectual™-sounding reason extremists claiming to represent entire minority groups give for individual members of those groups disagreeing with them: because as Freud said, they don’t know they actually hate themselves.

The roots of “internalisation” go right back to Georg Hegel’s Master–slave dialectic, but owe their core to Fraud’s psychoanalytic theories detailed in his 1930 book “Civilization and its discontents”. French Philosopher Michel Foucault and his fetish for gay sex dungeons continued the guesswork in his 1961 disaster “Madness and Civilization”. In 1971, William Cross Jr kickstarted internalized racism with the Negrescence Model of black identity, which naturally lead to internalized sexism in 2008 (“The fabric of internalized sexism”), which then became misogyny, and on. and on.