Literature. 1967

One French pervert’s attempt to bring Marxism into literature and convince the bottom 2% of students nothing can actually be true.

Deconstruction is a nicer word than its counterpart, destruction. Jacques Derrida — who was so, omg, profound — published “Of Grammatology” in 1967 with its “spirit of Marx” after a disastrous study of linguist Ferdinand de Saussure ‘s work on signifier/signified (Semiotics). His idea was simple: demonstrate language and meaning are separate (cough, gender) and always biased from subjectivity, i.e. ergo there is no objective truth which can be known. His intellectual diarrhoea proved quite useful for “scholars” who wanted to attack institutions and claim their critics’ points’ could not be true. Derrida’s work has contributed virtually nothing workable to the human race. But he was so profound.