Stolen My Future

Political Rhetoric, 2016

Primal cry of fragile, narcissistic brats who don’t want to have to travel to a voting booth. What their professors felt in 1989 in Berlin.

In 1996, Al Gore wrote a foreword for a book (“Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? A Scientific Detective Story”) which kick-started a list of EPA hearings. Although the phrase might well have some base in internet-era identity theft and dystopic Hollywood sci-fi, the extremist rhetoric was promoted most audibly as a slogan for teenagers and students the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit Referendum by the organisers of the so-called “People’s Vote” campaign (created by extremist/socialist front groups “Open Britain”, “the European Movement UK”, “Our Future Our Choice”, “For Our Future’s Sake”) and its press supporters. 2 years later in 2018, extremist activists “Extinction Rebellion” emerged from the “Rising Up!” (from “Earth First!”, “Occupy”, “Plan Stupid”, “Radical Think Tank” and “Reclaim the Power”) and “Climate Mobilization” front groups. In 2019, a Swedish 15 year-old teenage activist radicalised by activist group “Fossil Free Dalsland” (parent group “Europe Rising!”, parent group, Greta Thunberg, performed an emotional rant at the United Nations screaming about “mass extinction” and politicians’ having “stolen my dreams and my childhood”.