By Decade

As the timeline below shows, it takes roughly 15–20 years for the garbage of academia to flow down the cultural sewer into everyday life. It’s now been 20 years since the Science Wars and 70 since anti-Modernism took hold, so there is yet still hope we will see a resurgence of sense.


Something immediately noticeable is there are two huge spikes in the graph, around the late-60s and the mid-90s. Why? The first period is when the worst offenders were students in the counter-culture; the second is when they became author professors. Their first and second generations of indoctrinated radical progeny are the kids in university today.

Pre-20th Century

During the 19th century, we see a kickback against the industrial revolution which starts a movement of social change regarding wealth distribution.


Conflict with progressivism and Marx’s legacy grows as the first Communist state is established in the midst of the First World War and Britain reaches the height of empire. The era of psychoanalysis is born with Freud’s ideas and the Frankfurt school attempts to expand Marx’s ideas into other disciplines.

Kids born at the turn of the century are entering university with professors taught at the end of the Enlightenment.



Understandably, things take a slowdown with the outbreak of the Second World War. We start to see a scepticism towards institutions emerge, and sexuality and gender being explored.

Kids born in the 20s are entering university with professors taught at the turn of the century.


The social sciences gear up as post-modernism begins its stranglehold on every other discipline from its roots in Critical Theory. The importance of language and labels becomes emphasised, as conditions of the workplace are overhauled.

Kids born in the 30s (Silent Generation) are entering university with professors taught during the Great War.


This is where we see things go completely out of control: the Counter-Culture breeds radical feminism, sexual promiscuity, gender and sexuality politics, and a collective firehose of bad ideas. Decolonisation starts.

Kids born during and after the war (Boomers) are entering university with professors taught in the 20s and 30s between the World Wars.


What the 60s started, the 70s took to a militant new level in an observable way. We see a noticeable dip in nuttiness towards the middle of the decade, but it’s back by the end like a spasm. Interestingly, feminist extremism goes hostile on the backdrop of the Sexual Revolution.

Kids born in the 50s (Boomers) are entering university with professors educated in the 30s and 40s.


The era of Reagan and Thatcher calms the waters as glam-rock, AIDS, and Wall Street predominate the landscape. However, as the decade ends, the madness erupts louder than ever as Critical Race Theory is established in American law schools.

Kids born in the 60s (Gen-X) are entering university with professors taught in the 40s and 50s (Silent Generation).

Information Age


With the fall of the USSR, the computing revolution, and severe kickback from the sciences at the humanities (the Science Wars), things take a real sci-fi turn as gender politics explode and business literature swings to abstraction. Gen-X accelerates into the stratosphere.

Kids born in the 70s (Gen-X) are entering university with professors taught in the 50s and 60s (Silent Generation).


With the tragedy of 9/11 and rise of Social Media, information disseminates so widely the academic hose is drowned out by new computer-related ideas from Silicon Valley and the speed of innovation blasts ahead. With the recession and police brutality dominating the headline, extremists from both sides realise the future of social media, as literature is dead and attention spans are limited.

Kids born in the 80s (Millennials/Gen-Y) are entering university with professors taught in the 60s and 70s (Boomers).


Kids born in the 90s (Gen-Z) are entering university with professors taught in the 70s and 80s (Boomers).