Literature, 1944

A trendy, religious, planet-saving Hollywood slimming diet which also lets you protest against capitalist mass-production of meat and sacrifice yourself to prove plants are all we need.

Although humans have been biologically omnivorous for millennia, the epidemic of obesity from processed sugar and corn syrup from an unregulated, genetically-altered capitalist food supply chain has prompted celebrities like Paltrow to promote eating “clean”. From the 60s counter-culture emerged Frances Moore Lappe’s 1971 book “Diet for a Small Planet”, which was supplanted by climate change-linked “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins in 1987 and the hidden camera documentary “Earthlings” in 2005. However, the English animal activist founder of the Vegan Society who coined the term was Donald Watson, in 1944, in the first edition of “Vegan News”.