(The) Patriarchy

Feminist Literature, 1970

Like The Illuminati, The Jews, and The Aliens, a sinister tyranny of rich, capitalist, cisgender white supremacist men aiming to generationally enslave women as broodmares for producing more white supremacist capitalist offspring. Something which has to be smashed so we can all live in huts again.

Originally a term for “fatherhood” (paternity, patrimonial) or the church (as in Abraham being the Patriarch of nations or the Pope as Patriarch), patriarchal structure has been debated back into the 18th century. The revealer of the scary conspiracy is generally considered to be lesbian feminist Kate Millett, in her 1970 rant “Sexual Politics”, where maleness is pretty much the cause of all suppression and rape. She didn’t like her mother either and suffered rather heavily from mental illness.