Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Political Activism, 2007

A clever way to fool a company into operating as a socialist government on the pretense of avoiding bad PR by being nice.

Few can define it, but everyone committed to it and it’s awesome. The opposite of diversity (we’re all different) is not homogeneity, but university (we’re one). When “wellness” fell out of fashion — because it was too costly — the next round of corporate programs appeared. Diversity meant more people with melanin (racism); equity meant the “gender pay gap” (feminism), and inclusion meant disabled people (“ableism”). Between 1998 and 2013, Merrill Lynch had paid half a billion dollars to settle discrimination lawsuits. Around 2007, the Diversity in Philanthropy Project (DPP) began a 3-year campaign start championing the Green Lining Insititute’s ideas on “racial and economic justice”.