(hashtag) Metoo

Internet, 2017

Several leading feminists’ method of cloaking their own criminality, and useful Hollywood publicity platform.

In October 2017, the New York Times published an article accusing Harvey Weinstein of serious sexual offenses, and a Twitter hashtag “#metoo” went viral after actress and serial crazyperson Alyssa Milano promoted it. The French version’s sentiment was more honest: “rat out your pig”. It transpired that the slogan wasn’t as “spontaneous” as it might have seemed, as it was coined 11 years earlier in 2006 by feminist political activist Tarana Burke. It didn’t take long for the anti-due process mass hysteria to reveal many of the feminist celebrity “leaders” of the keyboard “movement” were opportunists and perpetrators themselves: from Asia Argento raping a male teenager, to Rose McGowan taking Weinstein’s money, to the French journalist Sandra Muller being convicted of defamation. According to the origin newspaper, 201 mens’ lives were ruined without seeing a court, with only 6 people being charged and 6 convicted. The net result being 60% of men subsequently refusing to be alone with women at all in the workplace.